a. We will raffle homes for young people, so that everyone has an equal chance.

b. We will also allocate homes according to the registration period, where the person with the most registration time will receive the home.

Household income Chart for Appropriate allocation

a. You can apply for affordable housing (net rent up to $$875) if your income does not exceed the maximum stated by us in the advertisement.

b. People with a low income are given priority for houses with a lower rent.
They cannot rent a house that is too expensive for them.

c. We will always check whether your income is sufficient to be able to rent the house.

The composition of your household and your income determine which homes you can respond to.
Below you can see up to and including which net rent you can respond.

Household Household from Income up to and including Net rental up to and including
1 person $0 – $15,000 $430,25
1 person $15,001 – $25,000 $430,26 – $625
2 persons $0 – $25.000 $430,25 – $625
2 persons $25,001 – $35.000 $625,50 – $875
3 or more persons $0 – $25,000 $525
3 or more persons $25,001 – $35,000 $525,50 – $775

*: The advertisement shows the maximum income limit per home for Appropriate allocation, $35,000.


A. Please ensure that all information in your registration is correct.
That certainly applies to your income.

B. Your income determines which homes you qualify for and whether you are given priority over home seekers with a higher income.

C. Therefore, enter the income stated on your Income Statement from the Tax Authorities.

D. Your income is always checked by us when you are allocated.

E. If it turns out that you have not provided the correct income, the house can still pass you by.

F. Read in the Income Calculation folder how to enter the correct income in your registration.

Your income determines whether you are eligible for Fynancr affordable housing, whether you are given priority because you have a low income and whether the rent of the house is not too high for your income.