A Fynancr lottery home is a home that is offered by lottery.

a. Every home seeker who qualifies for this home has an equal chance of finding the home.

b. The computer system puts all responses to a lottery home in a random order. Registration time and any priority arrangements do not play a role.

c. You must meet the suitability requirements, such as the number of persons or age.

d. You can respond to two lottery homes each week, in addition to your two responses to regular Fynancr Affordable homes.

e. Everyone who responds has an equal chance. So if you only have little measuring time, you can respond to these homes.

f. Your measurement time does not matter in this case.

g. The system collects all responses by drawing lots until the response period has expired.

h. Immediately after the reaction period has closed, the house is automatically raffled by the system.

i. You can read which of these are in the advertisement.

j. You will find these homes under the Lottery heading.

k. When you log in, you will only see homes that match your income, household size and your housing needs. This gives you a greater chance of being drawn with a higher rank position.