a. You first log in to Fynancr Housing.

b. On the home page and the advertisement page of a property you can immediately see whether you meet the conditions of the property.

c. On the offer page, the offer is sorted for you under a green, orange or red bar.

d. The homes under the green and orange bar are the homes for which you meet the conditions.

e. You do not meet the conditions for the houses under the red bar.

f. You may respond to all properties.

g. However, the chance is small that you will be offered the house if you do not meet the conditions.

Avoid disappointment
We need your details to be able to indicate whether you meet the conditions.
It is important that you enter your personal details correctly under ‘My Fynancr’.
When you are logged in, you will see your name at the top of the website.
Click this to go to your account.
We cannot offer you the house if your details do not meet the conditions.