Welcome to the website of Fynancr Housing!

Are you looking for a (different) rental property in this region? The film below provides an explanation of how this website works.


a) On the homepage you will find all the properties for sale.

b) These are the homes offered by the housing associations at that time.

c) The offer is refreshed every day.

d) The homes most suitable for you will be at the top.

e) The order of the houses is tailored to your

Housing Requirements.

a) For each house, you can see in the overview whether you can still respond to the house, what the basic rent is and how the house is divided.

b) The houses are divided by measuring time, drawing lots or direct chance.

c) If you have entered your Housing Requirements and click on the quick view next to the photo of the house, you will see which of the WoonWensen you have entered the house meets. With the heart you can save properties under your favorites and compare the properties with each other.

My Living Wish

a) With the four icons on the page you can indicate what you are looking for.

b) You first indicate whether you are looking for a home or other offers.

c) These can be parking spaces, garages or storage rooms.

d) You can then indicate your wishes regarding location, price and type of home.

e) You can also provide more information about your situation and about the home you are looking for via ‘Mijn WoonWens’ at the top of the page.

Home detail page

a) If you click on the image of the house, you will go to the detail page of the house.

b) Here you will find photos of the house, the rent and more information about the location and characteristics of the house.

Register or Login

a) If you want to respond to homes, you must be registered with Fynancr Housing.

b) Registering at Fynancr is not free.

c) Are you already registered or do you want to register? Click on login / register at the top right.
Here you can log in with your username and password or register as a home seeker.
To do this, follow the steps in the form.

Distribution range in colors

a) If you are logged in as a home seeker and go to the offer, you can see for which homes you are eligible.

b) These houses are under the green or orange bar.

c) This offer is tailored to your personal details and your completed housing requirements.

d) For the sake of completeness, you see all homes.

e) You do not stand a chance on the houses below the red bar, because you do not meet the income limits, for example.

Email homes

a) Did you know that you can also receive a notification by email when new homes become available that meet your four housing requirements?

You can indicate this under ‘My Housing Wish’.

My Fynancr Housing

a) If you are logged in, you can find all your details on ‘My Fynancr’.

b) It is important that the details of your registration with Fynancr Housing are up to date.

c) As soon as there are changes in your income or the composition of your household, adjust this immediately. This prevents disappointment afterwards.

d) The data is checked when allocating a home, so that the home is assigned to a home seeker who meets all the requirements.


a) If you have any questions, take a look at this knowledge base via How does it work?

b) If you cannot find the answer to your question, please contact one of the participating housing associations.

c) Do you have questions about how the website works? Then use the contact form.

d) We wish you every success in finding a suitable home through Fynancr Housing!

What can I find at ‘My Fynancr’?

a) On ‘My Fynancr’ you will find your details, your current reactions, your final reactions, your favourites, your offers, your correspondence, any missed appointments and your changes.

b) When you are logged in, you will see your name at the top of the website. Click this to go to your account.

What time will the homes be online?

a) Every Monday at 12h.