a. You have received an email with an invitation for a (group) viewing. There are then 3 possibilities:

  • You are interested and want to come to the (group) viewing
    Read the email carefully!
    This email states which information We needs from you. It also states how and when you must provide the data.
    You do not have to let us know that you are coming. They look forward to seeing you at the viewing.
  • You are interested, but can’t come to the (group) viewing. In this case, contact us directly. It is not possible to pass this on via your personal page. We will then discuss the options with you.
  • You are no longer interested and want to cancel the (group) Viewing.
    You can easily log in to My Fynancr for this., you will immediately see that you have been invited for a viewing.
    If you click on “Handle a viewing” you can indicate the reason for not wanting the property, we will see this immediately.

b. After the (group) viewing has been completed, Fynancr Housing will process the reactions of the candidates.

Always respond to an invitation!
Please note: always respond to an invitation for a (group) viewing! Otherwise this has consequences.