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With many of us now working from home, we see how much the world has indeed changed.  What was once required for making a living, going to a workplace five or more days a week, can now be done from the comfort of home or anywhere that has an internet connection.  Though many careers still require the use of a laptop, technical advances in smartphones are starting to blur the lines between the capabilities of phones and computers.  Most flagship phones have the same or better processing, memory, and storage of the high end laptops of only a few years ago.  By adding a bluetooth keyboard, an external monitor, and a docking station, there is very little that is impossible to do with a smartphone.  We want to introduce a few things that are possible using only a smartphone that will both make and save you money, with hopes that these will spark more ideas for you.  

  1. Mystery Shopping– Now, becoming a mystery shopper is as easy as downloading an app and then visiting the desired stores and restaurants, followed by leaving useful feedback about the visit.  Two companies paying people to make mystery shop visits are Easyshift and jobs2shop.  Payments depend on the particular price checking or evaluation that you conduct.  Most of the shopping visits are in larger cities, and those in a small town may not have many opportunities.  Though you may not get rich, those in larger cities can make $100 or more a month paid through Paypal or another means, for going to places you may have intended on going anyway.
  2. Focus Groups, Testing, and Surveys– You will have to apply for many surveys and be rejected quite a few times, but you can still make some money or get Amazon gift cards, etc. by answering surveys, participating in focus groups, and doing consumer testing, there are hundreds of these sites just find those that are popular and well liked.  

Neilson Digital Voice (the Neilson behind TV ratings) has a program to track your smartphone usage to find out more about users communication patterns with others, the use of apps, and web surfing patterns.  They don’t directly pay but will give you a chance to win a share of $10,000.  No work is required, and you can make a little money.  

uTest is a company that pays you to test apps, find bugs, and give reviews of the apps.  You can make between $3 and $50 depending on the amount of work needed for each project.  

UserTesting is a service that, for every 20-minute session that you spend testing out apps, you can receive $10.  Depending on the popularity, you can end up doing between 1 and 6 projects a week.  

  1. Get paid to watch TV– Viggle is a company that monitors your smartphone TV habits and will give you points for every minute watched, with more points the longer you watch.  These points can be converted to gift cards of different values depending on the total points earned.  
  2. Get paid for listening to music– If music is your thing, Music Xray is a service where you start by providing information on the bands and types of music you like listening to, creating your own personalized “taste profile.”  MusicXray will then send you songs to listen to that match your taste profile, and if you rate the song, you will receive at least $0.10.  You don’t even have to finish the song to rate it.  This service is an excellent way to make a little coin and also be introduced to new music you may have never heard before but will like.  
  3. Call Center Work- Several companies outsource call center activities and work, to agents working from home.  Working Solutions is just one of these companies..  Their pay starts at around $9/hr, and agents can work anywhere from 15 to 40 hours per week.  This kind of work may require a set schedule and laptop usage.
  4. Youtuber- Because the video quality of phones has increased so much, it is now capable of creating 4K video from its internal camera.  If you have a passion for anything, then there are probably other people that have the same passion, and they either want to learn more about it or live vicariously through others.  Finding followers is not easy and creating great content is important.  What you love doing may grow into a business or just a passion project that helps pay for your favorite things.  

We hope that this overview of just some of the things that are possible to do with your smartphone to make money will spark ideas inside you to expand your horizons.  When you see your phone, or any other technology, as a way to grow both your income and your happiness, you view the world in a different way, one of limitless abundance. 

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