Scammers have been sending phishing messages via email and text message to persons who are registered with Fynancr Housing and those who are not.

a. In these messages you are asked to transfer the renewal costs for registration with Fynancr Housing via a link.

b. You can usually recognize these phishing messages by the many spelling errors in the message and/or sentences that run incorrectly. Also, the amount of the renewal costs is not always correct.

c. Never click on the link in these types of posts!

d. Block the sender and delete the message.

e. Did you click on the link?
Then contact your internet provider immediately, so that it can be found out whether a virus or malware has been installed on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or pc.

Tip! Always install a properly working virus scanner on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or pc.
Have you clicked on the link and have you also logged in on a page that resembles your internet banking environment? Then contact your bank immediately.
In this situation, the scammer has gained access to your bank account.