a. Have you started working less, started a new job or just retired?

  • A significant change in your income means that you may state your expected income for this year instead of the previous year.
  • This is only important for you if you want to respond to a property with a lower or higher rent than you can respond to based on your income from the previous year.
  • Calculate your projected income for this year using your latest pay slip or benefit statement.

We will ask you to substantiate the change in your income with three recent pay slips or benefit statements.

We will also ask you to provide a statement about your assets.

So: Always use your income statement or income tax assessment to state your income in your registration

b. You only calculate your income in a different way in the following cases:

  • if you do not have a provisional or final income tax assessment and you have confirmation from the tax authorities that you cannot get an income statement,
  • or if your income has fallen or risen sharply.